Frequently Asked Questions

Safety Measures

What are your Covid-19 Protocols?

Hotel Guests



Guests will be subject to sanitization of hands and luggage and do a temperature check upon check in and/or entering the lobby.


Rooms are usually cleaned daily, however due to COVID-19 considerations this can be done upon request.  Please let us know your preference before or upon check-in. Housekeepers MUST wear a mask at all times, and gloves when in rooms.

All devices and surface areas are sanitized when the suites are cleaned.

Wearing of Masks

Masks must be worn in common areas at all times.


Guests Quarantining

Quarantine – all persons, entering the island must self-quarantine for 14 days whether they are experiencing symptoms or not.


Housekeeping will facilitate an exchange of linens and towels upon request, during your quarantine period we ask that you place your used linens and towels in the hamper provided and place your garbage by the door for collection.

Exchange area

Additional items, once requested will be placed by your exchange area where you will collect.


Guests and Visitors


All gatherings MUST follow the protocols outlined in the Disaster Risk Management Act. Especially, but not limited to, to number of guests and staff allowed, social distancing, sanitization and curfew restrictions.


I am under 18 years of age, can I stay with you without a guardian/parent?

Persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian/parent.

Can I bring my pet to Pulse Rooms?

Whilst we love pets at Pulse Rooms, we unfortunately are unable to accommodate them.

How do I cancel or make changes to my reservation?

Bookings made on the website can be both changed or cancelled here. Bookings made directly with the hotel cannot be changed/cancelled via the website. Please contact the hotel on telephone number 876-968-1089.

Can I book via the website without giving my credit card number?

No, you must book by prepaying your reservation.

Why can't I use my debit/credit card to book?

Be careful not to use any special characters in the boxes for name and card number, e.g. (.) (,) (-) (/) (:).

I haven't received a booking confirmation, what should I do?

Contact the hotel for assistance with your booking confirmation on 876-968-1089.

What do I do if I lose my reservation number?

Contact the hotel for assistance with your reservation number on 876-968-1089.

Check In and Check Out

When can I check in to the hotel?

You can check in from 3:00 pm. If you arrive earlier, you can store your baggage in the hotel's baggage area until your room is ready. If the room has been cleaned and is ready before 3:00 pm, you may have access to the room earlier. Please be aware of our additional charge for early check-in. It’s free and subject to availability if you booked your stay directly on our website Early check-in is from 10:00 am and the price is USD10. For bookings made directly on our website,, it is free of charge.

When do I have to check out of the hotel?

The room is yours until 12:00 pm on your day of departure. If you wish to check out later than 12:00 pm, please contact reception. Please be aware of our additional charge for late check-out. Late check-out is until 4:00 pm and the price is USD20.

Which debit/credit cards can I use?

You can pay with the same cards that are accepted at reception; Visa or Mastercard.

How/when will I receive my receipt?

Your receipt is sent electronically as a PDF to your e-mail address by 12:00 pm at the latest, on your departure day. If you do not receive your receipt by e-mail after check-out, please contact the hotel.

What should I do if I haven't received my receipt by e-mail?

If you haven't received a receipt for your stay via e-mail, you must contact the hotel by e-mail or telephone. Contact information for the hotel can be found on the hotel website.

What should I do with my room key?

You must leave your room key at reception. Keys must be marked as received.

What should I do if I cannot find my room key?

The cost to replace your room key is US$35. This must be paid to reception before you are able to check out.


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